Stop Waiting. Start Saving With E-ZPass®

AND Money

• E-ZPass® saves you money.
• E-ZPass® saves you time.
• E-ZPass® keeps you moving.
• E-ZPass® allows seamless travel.
• E-ZPass® is better for the environment.


Get Your E-ZPass® Here!



Where Can I Get It?

In store at any of our three locations
(York, Red Lion, or Hanover)

Get Your E-ZPass® Here!

By calling the E-ZPass® Customer Service Center at 877-736-6727

How does it work?

• First, mount the transponder on your windshield behind your rearview mirror and belowany tinting, with the mounting strips provided.• Each time you pass through an E-ZPass® lane, the transponder will be read electronically and your account will be debited.
• You can move your E-ZPass® transponder between vehicles registered on your account or choose to have multiple transponders per account.**
• As an E-ZPass® customer, you will pay less than those who pay cash.
• A detailed account statement is available online at anytime.
• All of your account information is secure and confidential.

**Additional mounting strips an be obtained by calling the E-ZPass® customer service center at 877-736-6727 or by logging into your account at


Can truckers get it?

For a commercial E-ZPass® call 1-888-RUNKLES

Have Questions? Call 1-888-RUNKLES

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